We are all staying in our homes more than ever. Previous to lockdown, I never paid much attention to home decor before as i’ve either been out all day working or taking trips with my family.

Earlier this year, I began to realise how little I felt connected to this house. It was time to start paying attention to the house and updating it with my style.

Starting off with the kitchen. The heart of the house where everybody spends the most time…except for my boyfriend. His would be the living room with the PlayStation. But, that is a conversation for another time.

Here are a few of my current favourite kitchen pieces from H&M Home

For the kitchen

Stoneware cake standPink Mole Kitchen decor

Personally, I would use this cake stand instead of a fruit bowl. I would place it in the centre of the island or table and display Lemon and Limes or a small tower of Avocados.

If you wanted to be super fancy go for Artichokes.




Marble Serving TrayMarble serving tray

Is it me or does food look so much better when it is served on a serving tray?

This marble serving tray looks expensive and is very handy to have for families. Throw bread with a balsamic dip and serve whilst the main meal is still cooking.




Large Rectangular Wooden Boxbread box pink mole

Our bread is always left on the side. To be completely honest, I throw it in what should be a wine cooling bucket. Every time I do it I wince.

This wooden box is first on my wish list. Ive never been the biggest fan of bread tins or boxes. I feel like they take a lot of room on the kitchen counter and previous bread bins I have owned the doors have become faulty.

This wooden box is accessible and rustic.


Large Wooden TrayLarge wooden tray kitchen

How beautiful does this wooden tray look on the window ledge. I’d style similar with recycled glass vases letting the light from the window reflect through.

The idea of storing fresh produce or herb plants is good too. Plants can begin to look untidy and having a simple storage solution available immediately looks more organised.


Bamboo Dishwashing Brush

classic kitchen decor

I dislike it when dishwashing sponge left on the side next to the sink. This eco-friendly bamboo dishwashing brush makes it look part of the kitchen decor whilst also being good for the environment compared to your disposable sponge. A must have when making your kitchen look classic.





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