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Styling Mole and Frankie’s Playroom

The Playroom: our first point of call when boredom strikes. A handy option to have to break up part of the day. Here is our Playroom journey: My thinking The…

The Playroom: our first point of call when boredom strikes. A handy option to have to break up part of the day.

Here is our Playroom journey:toddler playroom kitchen

My thinking

The style of the whole house is cool-toned neutral with a modern twist. In addition, I still wanted to keep to a modern flow , to be cohesive for the style going on with the rest of the house. However, this room needed to be inviting for the children. Give off an impulse to play and be creative.


Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style. Renowned for their simplicity, utility, and beauty. Besides, when researching different themes for the room I came across many different ones, from Boho to Classic. Nothing matched my love for minimalism until I saw the Nordic/Scandinavian Style. The love for clean lines, simple art and functionality. But, what pulled my heart in the most was the use of natural materials like wood.

Choosing a colour palette

Choosing the room colour is very important. I knew I wanted top take a risk with this room and ditch the typical neutral toned walls like the rest of the house. My usual motto is to go with neutral walls and add colour and warmth with decor.

The room is a small box room. Therefore, choosing a dark colour for the walls was out of the question. Finally, once I had settled on the intention of a playful environment with colour, I began to look at palette that were suitable for this idea.

Nordic Spa by Dulux was bright, clean and fun. I can not explain to you, how much using this colour on all of the walls changed the openness of the room. It was like we had added an extra window.

The tone worked beautifully with dusky pinks, grey and blue.

Wall Arttoddler wall art

The three posters have been framed with a thick black frame to create the clean defined lines seen in Scandinavian styles.

The background colours on the art add pops of colour and tie in the rest of the colour palette.

I purchased them from Desenio. They were placed in the centre of the wall and a little higher up to allow for a spacious feel, as most of the storage and play toys are at the lower level.


The key to making a Playroom complete. Storage is essential. I went for large draws that are big enough to throw all sorts of toys in that are usually on the floor making the room look untidy. Most importantly, storage is vital for keeping for children entertained.


Toy rotation. Storage allows toys to be hidden out of sight. Rotating the toys makes them feel like new.

Using natural materials for the storage was necessary. I hate plastic. It is bad for the environment. Plastic takes away the Scandinavian style where the core purpose is to provide functionality with natural materials.nordic playroom

The storage we use is from Flexa.

The Storage Bench 3 in 1

My favourite feature is the cut-out. This ensures that the child will not pinch the fingers when the storage bench is been closed. The sleek, modern design means that the storage bench will look beautiful in any room of the house. Place cushions on top to make the storage area a seating area.

One downside I have with the storage bench is that it is tricky to open the draw on the carpet. It would work better on wooden or tiled floor.

To add to the storage. This toy chest on wheels allows you to decide if you want it as storage or a pull along cart.

Book Storage

Flexa Play Shelf

In addition to the toy storage, to keep the furniture matching, the bookshelf is also from Flexa. Originally, I wanted the bookshelf higher on the wall to create shelving and free up floor space. However, the kids have access to the books when it is on the floor and I did not want to drill holes in the wall to hang the case up on.

Table and Chairstoddler table and chair

Shortly after Mole celebrated her second Birthday, I realised the need for a table and chair set. Allowing her to be creative with arts and crafts or her favourite thing to do is set up a tea party on.

I had spent hours researching table and chair sets that were of good quality. An easy option for me was to go back with the brand Flexa. They have provided quality and the colour scheme their furniture comes in matches the theme of the playroom.

The deep pink serves a contrast with the greys in the room.

Play table Popsicle?

You can mix and match the stools for more pops of colour.

Stool Popsicle

Creating Space

The Playroom is a small box room so, when all of the furniture and storage moved in, the space closed in too. I needed to extend the space without extending the physical footprint of the room. To do this I added a simple play mat.

The play mat has created a new section in the room in fact, we call this section the kitchen area, when I see Mole or Frankie getting bored of the area, it can be changed to a new area.

The style of the mat flows with the rest of the room.

Our playmat is in the shade: Moon Grey

Statement Toystoddler wooden toy blocks

Lastly, you need statement toys for defining the playroom from a storage room, moreover, once all of the main toys have been tided up and put away, I leave the following toys out for character and style.

Ooh Noo Wooden Blocks

Mole and Frankie love to stack the blocks and I think they look fantastic spread across the playmat.

Toy Kitchen

This toy kitchen belonged in the living room. I choose this kitchen because it was small enough to fit in the space I had available for it at the time. I didn’t want an overpowering toy kitchen in the area where I like to relax.

The kitchen is made from natural wood.

Soft Play

Frankie’s personal favourite. Soft play blocks with a slide. The soft play has given us so much laughter over the year it is my favourite part of the play room too!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the thought process behind creating the playroom. I am always keen to hear your thoughts. Most importantly, advice on what I could add to improve functionality or style. Please leave a comment below.











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Top 5: Kitchen Decor

We are all staying in our homes more than ever. Previous to lockdown, I never paid much attention to home decor before as i’ve either been out all day working…

We are all staying in our homes more than ever. Previous to lockdown, I never paid much attention to home decor before as i’ve either been out all day working or taking trips with my family.

Earlier this year, I began to realise how little I felt connected to this house. It was time to start paying attention to the house and updating it with my style.

Starting off with the kitchen. The heart of the house where everybody spends the most time…except for my boyfriend. His would be the living room with the PlayStation. But, that is a conversation for another time.

Here are a few of my current favourite kitchen pieces from H&M Home

For the kitchen

Stoneware cake standPink Mole Kitchen decor

Personally, I would use this cake stand instead of a fruit bowl. I would place it in the centre of the island or table and display Lemon and Limes or a small tower of Avocados.

If you wanted to be super fancy go for Artichokes.




Marble Serving TrayMarble serving tray

Is it me or does food look so much better when it is served on a serving tray?

This marble serving tray looks expensive and is very handy to have for families. Throw bread with a balsamic dip and serve whilst the main meal is still cooking.




Large Rectangular Wooden Boxbread box pink mole

Our bread is always left on the side. To be completely honest, I throw it in what should be a wine cooling bucket. Every time I do it I wince.

This wooden box is first on my wish list. Ive never been the biggest fan of bread tins or boxes. I feel like they take a lot of room on the kitchen counter and previous bread bins I have owned the doors have become faulty.

This wooden box is accessible and rustic.


Large Wooden TrayLarge wooden tray kitchen

How beautiful does this wooden tray look on the window ledge. I’d style similar with recycled glass vases letting the light from the window reflect through.

The idea of storing fresh produce or herb plants is good too. Plants can begin to look untidy and having a simple storage solution available immediately looks more organised.


Bamboo Dishwashing Brush

classic kitchen decor

I dislike it when dishwashing sponge left on the side next to the sink. This eco-friendly bamboo dishwashing brush makes it look part of the kitchen decor whilst also being good for the environment compared to your disposable sponge. A must have when making your kitchen look classic.





*Links are affiliate links. I make a small commission from the links when an item is purchased. Thank you all for your ongoing support.




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Don’t Suffer | Get Help With Debt

Take control of your finances and get back on track. Today there is more help than ever to stop your debts spiralling out of control. It is frightening enough having…

Take control of your finances and get back on track. Today there is more help than ever to stop your debts spiralling out of control. It is frightening enough having debt without it getting worse.

With this advice, you will gain confidence and an understanding on the starting point to getting your debt back on track.debt help pink mole

Where to start?

Many people will bury their head in the sand at the first sign of debt. Unfortunately, this is the worst thing to do as this will not solve your financial problems. You need to admit to yourself that you are in debt. Admitting to yourself is one of the most important steps.

One of my favourite methods is to start by writing down everything you currently owe on loans, credit cards etc. That way, you will know exactly how much debt you are in.debt help pink mole

Prioritise payments that need to be paid off first and payments that are actually manageable. Having order to your financial situation will stop you feel like you are drowning in your problems.

If you are in a relationship, talk to your partner about your current financial situation. Off loading the pressure and working as a team on how to get back on track will give you more support.

Debt Solutions

Here are some more debt solutions on offer:

Professional help

You may have tried to speak to your creditors about your debt struggles and nothing has come from it. Seek professional help.

There are many charities out there today that want to help you. They will provide free help and advice to getting your finances under control.

You can also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for a manageable repayment plan and they help you discuss your situation with your creditors.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formal agreement between an individual and the unsecured creditors. An insolvency practitioner or debt advisor administers it.debt help pink mole

Why? Well, if you are struggling to sort out an arrangement to clear your current owed payments gradually through a debt repayment plan, an IVA is something to consider.

IVAs last for five years. During this time, you will pay an agreed amount to your creditors. Once that period of time ends, any remaining debt will be wiped out.

Do I Qualify For An IVA?

To obtain an IVA, you must fit within the criteria.

  • A minimum debt level of ?5000
  • A minimum of 2 credit lines e.g. 1 credit card and 1 loan.
  • A regular income
  • The ability to pay a minimum of ?90 per month into the IVA
  • An IVA should offer a higher return for your creditors than bankruptcy
  • You must live in England, Wales or N.Ireland.

You will not be able to borrow again during your IVA.


If you cannot clear your debts any other way then this option is a last resort.debt help pink mole

You can either be forced into bankruptcy by your creditors or apply for bankruptcy yourself.

If you owe ?750 or more, a company can apply for you to be declared bankrupt. It is however, only recommended to those with unsecured debts of ?50,000 or more.

When you declare yourself as bankrupt, other assets such as your home or your car, can be used to pay the people you owe money to.

Bankruptcy lasts for around one year. The bankruptcy will be noted on your credit file for six years. Meaning you will not be able to apply for any further credit and you will be unable to get a current account that offers an over draft. Any accounts you have, your bank will freeze them and as you may not be able to open any new accounts, you will struggle make or receive payments.

This may seem daunting. But, for some people this method has been their last resort to get out of debt.


Remember to always seek professional advice before proceeding with an IVA or bankruptcy.

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