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Amazon’s Top 5: Best Selling Beauty Products

Whilst I was doing my evening skin care routine, a thought came to me. I wonder what the best selling beauty products are on Amazon? So, my mission was to…

Whilst I was doing my evening skin care routine, a thought came to me.

I wonder what the best selling beauty products are on Amazon?

So, my mission was to find out.? Plus, during the process, check out the reviews and hopefully seek out new beauty products that I should be using, that everyone else is already using.

amazon best selling beauty products UKDots For Spots

Target your spots by placing the smallest, discrete patch over your pimple. I have used a similar product before and have seen great results.

The price of this product is only ?5.99 which is half the price I have previously paid for the product from another brand.


Look at the reviews! Over 5000! Straight in my basket.


amazon top selling beauty products UKAztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay

You can use this giant tub of Aztec mud on your body, face or hair!

What for?

Healing, cleansing and toning.

The beautiful Egyptian women used clay from the River Nile in their beauty regime. Definitely ordering this for only ?13.85!

amazon best selling beauty ukCeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

A very reassuring sight to see this product at number 3. I’ve always opted for a simple cleanser for my skin care routine. I’ve found that with sensitive skin, this has always worked best for me.

This price is a bargain too at only ?7.10


amazon best selling skin care UKOrganic Vitamin C Serum & Hyaluronic Acid by Florence

Replenish your skin with this Vitamin C Serum. Ok, I feel like this is the product that everyone has been using except for me.

Over 28,000 reviews! This best seller is a steal at ?9.99, Did I mention this product is Vegan?

It’s a yes from me.


amazon top selling beauty products UKElemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm


This product appearing on the top sellers list has come at no surprise to me.

Beauty bloggers over Instagram have been raving at this skin care staple over this year. Taking your make up off with a balm leaves you with hydrated and clean skin before you go in with your second cleanser.

Currently on offer for ?30.80. That is a deal your skin can not miss.


What do you think? Comment below any products on here that you have not used before!

Speak to you soon




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Mum Beauty Tips | Perfect Flawless Base For Makeup

Whether you are pregnant, a new mum or you have been a mum for a while now you can’t help but look at past photos of yourself and wonder what…

Whether you are pregnant, a new mum or you have been a mum for a while now you can’t help but look at past photos of yourself and wonder what happened.

When morning arrives after another sleepless night, you have to get up and carry on as normal.? Including attempting to look like your old self.

Honestly, there is a part of me that does not care as much about my appearance as I use to,?probably down to time. But when I do make an effort to wear makeup I want it to look perfect.

I have worked as a Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown. To achieve a great makeup application is all down to the base and what products you use on your skin. I now spend more time applying skin care than applying my makeup.

My Skincare Routine for a flawless base

After many years of serial buying skincare products I have now found my holy grails. As a mum, I keep my skincare routine as minimal as possible. I use products that make a difference quickly so I have more time with my baby than getting ready.

I have to thank the lovely lady at Clarins. One shopping trip day, I walked into the store and she asked if I was okay. I poured my heart out whining about how crap I felt, because of all of the sleepless nights with Mole.

I’m usually put off by the sales pitches at the stores however, I gave in and bought everything she suggested to make my skin look awake and flawless under make-up.

I am so glad I did. My drained, tired, lifeless new mummy skin has gone.

Step 1

Clarins Multi Active Eye Cream (?35)

The cyro-metalic tip is ultra cooling under the eyes. Applying it feels instantly refreshing and the cooling tip helps to reduce puffiness.

One of the main ingredients is Teasel. Which has been proven to reduce dark circles and puffiness caused by fatigue and stress.

I have found that my concealer lasts longer when I wear an eye cream. I love how this eye cream is not too oily. An oily eye cream will cause your concealer to crease and define your under eye wrinkles even more.

Step 2

Clarins Multi Active Face Cream (?42)

My skin is combination. I get a very oily T-Zone which drives me crazy. I have tried moisturisers for dry skin as the rest of my face is dry but, they have been too rich for me. My makeup would slide off through out the day.

Moisturisers for oily skin have not been successful on me either. They are not hydrating enough. My makeup would stick to dry patches on my face enhancing my blotches.

The consistency of the Clarins Multi Active Face is lightweight. I barely feel it sitting heavy on my skin. It leaves a velvety finish allowing my foundation to glide on smoothly.

Step 3

Booster Energy (?15)

This is a highly concentrated formula. It feels like a hybrid between an oil and a serum. I either mix it into my moisturiser or apply straight after.

Clarins Booster Energy is formulated with Ginseng extract, a legendary Chinese medicinal plant known for thousands of years for its stimulating properties that help to re-energize your skin, minimize signs of fatigue and revive radiance.

My skin instantly feels hydrated and fresh. I love how there is no greasy residue afterwards.

I would love to hear what your favourite skin care products are for a flawless make-up base!



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