I need to stop saying I rarely go out because the past month, I have been out twice haha.

No, in all seriousness I love to dress up and have fun with makeup for a night out. Regardless of the current “Birthday Makeup” trend at the moment.

So, for this look, I wanted to keep it simple with a liner and a lipstick close to my natural lip shade. I’ll be honest. I was not feeling my lipstick choice this evening at all but, getting ready with two children made me past the point of caring.


Dior Forever Skin Glow I wear shade 3N. My favourite foundation of all time. It is light yet buildable and the glow makes you look like you have not been up 10 times during the night with the kids.


This was my first time wearing this cream blush actually. It is the Laura Mercier Cream Blush in the shade Sun Drench. Don’t be shy with it either.

Eye Liner

My trusty go to as always is the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. I only lined the outer corner of my eye into a wing. To soften the liner, I apply a small amount of brown eyeshadow to blend the edges.


Clarins Jolie Rouge Lip Lacker in the shade Pop Pink. Obsessed with the texture of the lipstick. It is non drying and stays in place. I feel fo the dress I wore, I needed either a nude lip or a darker red.

Let me know if you try any of the products.

I love you all,




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