I have just finished off my Lucozade and i’m already thinking when it will be ok to have my next coffee. I feel like caffeine is literally my fuel nowadays.

Hi, how are you? Has it been a while? I think it has?

Work Rant

In September I landed a part time teaching role at a high school. What led me to this decision you ask? After having the dream life of a stay at home mum, I decided to it would be fun to make my life a million times harder and throw myself back into work.

In all seriousness my Computer Science TikTok account was thriving and I forgot how much I not only enjoyed Computer Science but inspiring others too.

Fast forward a couple of months and here we are. One overworked mum of two living off caffeine, deadlines and pressure.

Ok, I know, I’m making it sound like a nightmare and it really isn’t that bad.

For a first time in a long time, I have been able to pay my way…to an extent. The freedom of being able to go and buy makeup when it is empty and not feel guilty about preferring a high end version of foundation is sadly what keeps me going. Over the past couple of years I had been blaming pregnancy and becoming a mum for losing my sense of style when in fact it was my finances (maybe a little bit mumsy syndrome too).

So this catch up has turned into me offloading about my work. Sorry. My final words on that matter is, I am very proud to be showing Molly and Frankie I work but, I was not expecting the work load that comes with it. Think of it as squeezing a full time job into part time hours. But, aren’t all jobs on overtime nowadays?

Private Account

I switched my Instagram account to private in September. Now, don’t get me wrong. I was very sad to do this at the time because I love to blog and turning private felt the same as pressing delete account.

Since I had no other option as I do not fancy having my students at school know all about my life, I have been keeping positive.

I’ll share with you now the good side of a private account:

  • Follower requests – I can see how many creeps are trying to look at my children.
  • Validation – I have truly understood what it is like to post what I want when I want without worrying about engagement.
  • My day is my day – I can do anything without feeling the need to take a photo or press record and sharing it with everyone.
  • Over consumption no more – I don’t worry about me or the children outfit repeating or needing to take a photo of a new product or recording huge hauls.
  • New hobbies other than blogging.

Professional Artist

Exploring that last bullet point further, let me talk to you about my new hobby. I started painting just for fun. I encourage you to do it. It is one of the only things I can do where I completely switch off from anything else. My issue is that when I start something, I have to try and be the best at it. I go into obsession mode. With painting, I have accepted that i’m not perfect and my sketch books are just for me. so it is kind of like therapy where I am learning to not care and just have fun.

If you fancy giving it a try, my favourite type of paint is Gouache. You can have it watered down to be like water colours or think like Acrylic.


And that is all I have been up too. If I can think of any life changing moments from the past couple of months that I have forgotten I will tell you on my IG.


Love You



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