Baby Girl Autumn Fashion 2018

Affordable & Stylish Fashion Ideas for Baby Girls

Hello everyone!

As we are well into September we need to update our baby’s wardrobe with the latest Autumn fashion! You have probably noticed that your baby’s summer wardrobe is now not warm enough for them or like my little mole, it is also too small! (They really do grow far too quick)

I have selected pieces that are affordable and easily accessible from the high street stores. So if?you’re out and about or fancy staying in and having a home delivery, either should be an issue.

Hope you like them!

This year for Autumn I am loving more mauve, rose and orange tones rather than the traditional deep reds, purples and browns. This colour palette is more softer which is beautiful on baby girls. Whilst still giving off an Autumn vibe, the palette is fresh and warm.

Woodland Print Dress

?11-12 (sizes newborn – 2 years)

This dress is 100% viscose. The rose undertone makes it super girlie and the pops of colour with the bright red and woodland animal print makes it super fun. Although a dress, the long sleeves and paired with tights will keep your baby warm.

Lined Leather Sneakers

?22.99 (Sizes 4 -8.5)

These cowhide lined leather sneakers have a side zip and laces to make sure they are super easy to put on and off as we all know how wriggly our baby’s can be when dressing them. Not only that, the laces help to secure the shoes onto their feet so there is less chance of them falling off.

These sneakers have rubber soles which means they are also suitable for our walking baba’s!

The camel exterior will match with many different colours so you can be sure that these sneakers will go with everything.

I love how they are sneakers too and when teamed up with a dress they can give your baby an effortless sporty look, or, when teamed up with a tracksuit it is comfort level 100.

Jacquard Knit Jumper

?14.99 (Sizes Newborn to 4 years)

I am obsessed with baby jumpers from H&M. They have an oversized appearance that just looks adorable with leggings. The fit of H&M clothes are brilliant too e.g. 4-6 months rather than 3-6 months.

Made from soft cotton this jumper wont leave your baby feeling itchy. The pattern is trendy with a display of multiple Autumnal colours.

Organic Cotton Top & Trousers Set

?17.99 (Sizes newborn to 4 years)

At only ?17.99 for a full outfit this is a bargain. I love the colour block pattern and the jumper or trousers can always be paired with a different jumper or trousers to mix and match outfits.

The outfit is very comfy and the drawstring bottoms are easy to keep taking off and on for nappy changes and you do not have to do a million and one poppers back up 😀 .

You can also watch my Baby Girl Primark Haul video here to see what items I picked up for Mole 😀