I studied Computer Science at Manchester Metropolitan University then trained to be a Teacher of Computer Science to High School Students, I know what was I thinking?!??Jokes aside, I love my job.

I am from Manchester, now living in Stoke, with my lovely family: Boyfriend Jay, Daughter Molly, Dog Chip and Tortoise Ross. I really want a Hamster but we can’t seem to mutually agree… just yet 😉

I gave birth to Molly at 25 years old and she has made my life more special,? wish i’d done it sooner!


My hobbies include anything Computer related. I’m currently studying an online course in Data Science just to keep the brain ticking. We all know what baby brain is like right??

Can Zara be a hobby? I seem to spend a lot of time adding clothes, shoes and bags to my basket even if I don’t end up buying them. Am I the only person that does this?

I love to watch Beauty Guru’s on Youtube, one video just leads to another and before you know it an hour has passed. My number one girl is Jaclyn Hill. I have watched her from day one and owe all my makeup tricks to her. I even had a job as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown once.

Spare Time

If you don’t find me out and about walking with Molly, you will find me in the gym so I won’t feel guilty about eating a full tub of Halo Top Ice Cream after my Tea or having a sneaky nap in the sauna. I mean when else am I suppose to sleep?

I’m guilty of watching Reality TV. The channel E is religiously on in the house. I watch the Kardashians and Total Bella’s that much I am starting to convince myself that I know them.

Since becoming a mum I will admit that I am an Ice Coffee addict. I do not like coffee’s hot, they are gross and I still don’t feel mature enough to drink hot coffee.


I do not like the following: people who park really closely to my car to the point where I can not get to the baby seat in the back, people who park in parent and baby bays when they do not have a child or baby with them.


Zoe Waite