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Sharing my Makeup products from this picture

I need to stop saying I rarely go out because the past month, I have been out twice haha. No, in all seriousness I love to dress up and have…

I need to stop saying I rarely go out because the past month, I have been out twice haha.

No, in all seriousness I love to dress up and have fun with makeup for a night out. Regardless of the current “Birthday Makeup” trend at the moment.

So, for this look, I wanted to keep it simple with a liner and a lipstick close to my natural lip shade. I’ll be honest. I was not feeling my lipstick choice this evening at all but, getting ready with two children made me past the point of caring.


Dior Forever Skin Glow I wear shade 3N. My favourite foundation of all time. It is light yet buildable and the glow makes you look like you have not been up 10 times during the night with the kids.


This was my first time wearing this cream blush actually. It is the Laura Mercier Cream Blush in the shade Sun Drench. Don’t be shy with it either.

Eye Liner

My trusty go to as always is the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. I only lined the outer corner of my eye into a wing. To soften the liner, I apply a small amount of brown eyeshadow to blend the edges.


Clarins Jolie Rouge Lip Lacker in the shade Pop Pink. Obsessed with the texture of the lipstick. It is non drying and stays in place. I feel fo the dress I wore, I needed either a nude lip or a darker red.

Let me know if you try any of the products.

I love you all,




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Let’s have a catch up

I have just finished off my Lucozade and i’m already thinking when it will be ok to have my next coffee. I feel like caffeine is literally my fuel nowadays….

I have just finished off my Lucozade and i’m already thinking when it will be ok to have my next coffee. I feel like caffeine is literally my fuel nowadays.

Hi, how are you? Has it been a while? I think it has?

Work Rant

In September I landed a part time teaching role at a high school. What led me to this decision you ask? After having the dream life of a stay at home mum, I decided to it would be fun to make my life a million times harder and throw myself back into work.

In all seriousness my Computer Science TikTok account was thriving and I forgot how much I not only enjoyed Computer Science but inspiring others too.

Fast forward a couple of months and here we are. One overworked mum of two living off caffeine, deadlines and pressure.

Ok, I know, I’m making it sound like a nightmare and it really isn’t that bad.

For a first time in a long time, I have been able to pay my way…to an extent. The freedom of being able to go and buy makeup when it is empty and not feel guilty about preferring a high end version of foundation is sadly what keeps me going. Over the past couple of years I had been blaming pregnancy and becoming a mum for losing my sense of style when in fact it was my finances (maybe a little bit mumsy syndrome too).

So this catch up has turned into me offloading about my work. Sorry. My final words on that matter is, I am very proud to be showing Molly and Frankie I work but, I was not expecting the work load that comes with it. Think of it as squeezing a full time job into part time hours. But, aren’t all jobs on overtime nowadays?

Private Account

I switched my Instagram account to private in September. Now, don’t get me wrong. I was very sad to do this at the time because I love to blog and turning private felt the same as pressing delete account.

Since I had no other option as I do not fancy having my students at school know all about my life, I have been keeping positive.

I’ll share with you now the good side of a private account:

  • Follower requests – I can see how many creeps are trying to look at my children.
  • Validation – I have truly understood what it is like to post what I want when I want without worrying about engagement.
  • My day is my day – I can do anything without feeling the need to take a photo or press record and sharing it with everyone.
  • Over consumption no more – I don’t worry about me or the children outfit repeating or needing to take a photo of a new product or recording huge hauls.
  • New hobbies other than blogging.

Professional Artist

Exploring that last bullet point further, let me talk to you about my new hobby. I started painting just for fun. I encourage you to do it. It is one of the only things I can do where I completely switch off from anything else. My issue is that when I start something, I have to try and be the best at it. I go into obsession mode. With painting, I have accepted that i’m not perfect and my sketch books are just for me. so it is kind of like therapy where I am learning to not care and just have fun.

If you fancy giving it a try, my favourite type of paint is Gouache. You can have it watered down to be like water colours or think like Acrylic.


And that is all I have been up too. If I can think of any life changing moments from the past couple of months that I have forgotten I will tell you on my IG.


Love You



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How to get your toddler off the milk at night

Mole and her bottle of milk…a love story. The decision came to stop her bedtime bottle when it started to increase to her morning, afternoon, whenever she would have a…

Mole and her bottle of milk…a love story.

The decision came to stop her bedtime bottle when it started to increase to her morning, afternoon, whenever she would have a tantrum bottle too.

Yes, I know that sounds strange.

The back story

From a newborn Mole had always fed little and often. She was never able to keep a full feed down and began to lose a lot of weight.

Looking back at old photos of Mole as a newborn, can be very hard for me. After countless trips to the doctors to be told she had bad reflux, I still feel like maybe I could have done more.

Due to this, her bottle became her comforter. Even if the bottle was empty she would use it like a dummy.

As time went on, the bottle became a comforter to me. I always knew that any behaviour problem we would encounter, whilst out and about or at home, the bottle would ‘fix’ it.

I guess that it was they call “lazy parenting”

More than just a baby’s bottleno more toddler bedtime bottle

Fast forward to Mole turning three, the bottle was still very much present. However this time, instead of the bottle being a comforter, it became a hindrance.

Mole knew exactly what type of tantrum to throw in order to be rewarded with a bottle. Not only was the situation becoming embarrassing but it was also disrupting meal times. Don’t get me wrong, Mole can be a fussy eater, however, I noticed she was refusing her meals because she was either full from milk or playing up to get a bottle of milk.

The bedtime routine has always been a consistent one. And one that I am quite proud of. Usually after having one bottle of milk with her bedtime story, Mole would fall asleep and wake up fresh the next morning. All that changed after one night Mole decided to open her bedroom door to ask for more milk. Without thinking I completed Mole’s request and that was that. Until the next night when it happened again…but twice.  And then the night after that and so on.

Enough was enough.

As with anything to do with parenting, you  know that making a drastic change in a routine doesn’t go right the first time and is a battle to say the least.

Attempt one

The watered down method

I filled Mole’s bottle half way with milk and the rest with water. She noticed straight away and the bottle got chucked back in my face. Literally. I tried the same method again with her for a few nights and every time it got to 10:30pm I gave in and got her a full bottle of milk.

My plan was to gradually dilute the milk over time to the point where it was all water and she wouldn’t ask for anymore. The internet made it sound so easy.

Attempt two

Milk with meals method

Serving milk with toddlers meals can help to see it as a snack or food rather than a comforter. Again we found this method difficult because serving the milk in a cup did not interest her. She would either ask for water instead or cry out for a bottle. I decided not to go with this method after the bottle still being a comfort issue at bedtime. Frankie became very unsettled at dinner time seeing Mole’s tantrums for a bottle instead of a cup and it just did not work out for us.

Attempt three

Cold Turkey

Gone. All of the bottles in the bin. Now, you can imagine the kind of night I had with her in order to get to the point of going cold turkey but, it was needed. For the both of us. Now we both had no option of giving in.

Mole had taken an interest in Fairies. We talked about all of the different places they live and what their little jobs are.

I’ve heard of the dummy fairy method before but not the bot bot fairy.

Mole believes that a bot bot fairy has come to take all of her bottles away to new little newborn babies that really need them. As she is a big girl now, she can have a big girl cup. In return I left a little knitted felt fairy decoration hanging on her cactus. (She believes she has a cactus fairy). This whole scene felt a light and happy way to say goodbye to the bottle. Her mind was blown away and I will never forget how her eyes lit up with magic.

The condition was, she had to take care of the felt fairy and if she didn’t the fairy would lose her magic dust. Or even worse, the fairies would take it back.

I’m not going to lie and pretend it was happily ever after that.

We had a couple of tantrums, only at bedtime. They were resolved very quickly because we literally had not bottles to give in to her.

When did your little one stop having their bedtime bottle?

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What we got up to at Center Parcs

Monday Monday afternoon we set off to Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest. On arrival at our lodge we were greeted by Squirrels and Geese. All to which Mole and Frankie found…

Mondaycenter parcs sherwood

Monday afternoon we set off to Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest. On arrival at our lodge we were greeted by Squirrels and Geese. All to which Mole and Frankie found to be very amusing.

We stayed in a beautiful 3 bedroom cabin that included a living room space, kitchen, dining area, patio and my favourite the outdoor sauna. Two of the bedrooms had a double bed and the third bedroom came with two single beds. Frankie has never slept in a bed before so he used the cot. If you plan to do this to make sure you bring your own cot linen.

center parcs cabin


I have never been so excited to wake up and see a difference in scenery. Oh it is beautiful there. You literally feel like you are camping right in the middle of the woods.

The first full day Mole had a horse ride booked. It was the first 15 minutes of her life where she has been completely silent haha. Mole took me by surprise actually. I was expecting her to be shy but she jumped straight on the horse with a smile like a cheshire cat.pony ride sherwood forest

Our cabin was a 45 minute walk away from the main shops. Obviously if it were just me and Jay it would be half of that time. We struggled to carry Frankie there and back after refusing to walk so off we went to get bikes.

Unfortunately, they were sold out of bikes for children and they gave us a double pram to use instead. This situation damped the mood a little as if you have been before you will know how much bikes are an essential. To cheer us all up we treated the kids in the gift shop with two teddies Mole has named “Suzie and Aquacabatic”.

Wednesdaycenter parcs sherwood

Today was Frankie’s turn to have all the fun. We had a messy play activity booked in early morning. Unusual for us, we were too early. We filled in the time by taking part in a pottery painting activity. We were so lucky to get on to. I have to say pottery painting was my personal favourite.

Mole was able to join in with messy play too. The whole morning was spent covered in paint and spaghetti and it could not have been any better.

I forgot to mention we did end up getting bikes in the end. We had to keep checking at the bike reception and finally got 2 with a trailer on the back. Wednesday weather was beautiful. We decided to make the most of it by going on a family bike ride and heading down to the nature park.

The afternoon was spent at the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Mole and Frankie had the best time swimming. Their confidence in water since starting swimming lessons has completely changed. center parcs sherwood


The weather took a turn but a little wind and rain did not stop us heading down to the beach, to build sandcastles and hire a paddle boat. Poor Jay was at the back of the paddle boat pushing us all around. We treated Mole and Frankie to pancakes at the Pancake House but the weather dropped in temperature and we were all absolutely freezing.

It was so cosy to go back to the lodge and have cuddles next to the fire. I even felt a little guilty when I had to leave for my spa appointment.

Jay treated me to a lovely full body exfoliation treatment and an Indian head massage. The perfect end to our trip.

center parcs sherwood


Our original plan was to hand around still after checking out and dine out. However, we were all content with setting off back home. We had such a special time together it was important to all leave on a good note.

center parcs sherwood

Have you ever been to Center Parcs before? What was your experience like?



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Identity Crisis

I knew I wanted to write a blog post to connect with you but, I was not quite sure exactly what I wanted to write about. So, here we are…

I knew I wanted to write a blog post to connect with you but, I was not quite sure exactly what I wanted to write about.

So, here we are and I fancy having a general chit chat.

Let’s talk

The other week, unintentionally, I took a short break from consistently uploading and sharing my life to Instagram. You probably would not have noticed because it really was a short break but for me it felt like a life time. My content is usually planned and organised. It was the first time I had literally nothing to post and also did not feel the need to post.

When I first started

I started sharing my motherhood journey three years ago. Motherhood did not come easy to me and my support system was non-existent. Writing and sharing was fulfilling. In fact, I started this blog before my instagram, to write about reflux struggles and share reviews on baby products. Connecting with new mums and gaining an insight into how to parent and seeing the reality in other homes was comforting.

Over time, my need to rely on social media to share my motherhood journey has not been the same. Sometimes, I get a feeling where I don’t even want to share my children online at all. I’m more conscious of how often I am on my phone or recording my children. Imagine if their memories of me are seeing me with my phone constantly in my hand.

Identity crisis

During and after pregnancy, I seem to go through a phase where I loose my identity. While I know this is normal because priorities change so hobbies are put on hold and your physical appearance changes so clothes don’t look the same anymore, my point is, I have found that I relay on social media to be my comfort blanket again. I turned to fashion bloggers.

Without realising I became influenced to become a person that was not me.

My aesthetic has always varied. One day I would be wearing white doc martens, leather pants and one of my dads Led Zeppelin t-shirts in the hope I would look like Jared Leto and the next day I’d be sporting an outfit with florals and a Louis bag.

With Instagram, I sometimes feel you have to have one aesthetic. So overtime, part of my creativity and ways to express myself was limited. The hundreds of fashion bloggers posting about the exact same outfits with the same colour scheme overwhelmed me and made me feel like anything but that style was not ok. This is not a criticism of the bloggers to be clear, more to myself for feeling like I had to follow due to their current popularity and not allowing myself to like any other style.

The time off opened my eyes. I did not have to wake up and feel if I was insta ready. I could wear my Pokemon t-shirt one day and the next a boho dress.

Not too sure where this conversation is going now, If you are feeling suppressed as you, take a moment to remember yourself. What do you like? What values do you have?

I’ll go first:

Introducing myself

Hi i’m Zoe,

I’m obsessed with the band 30 Seconds To Mars, so much so, I went to see them at a concert on my own and I had the best time of my life. My taste in music varies. One day I will have Placebo on repeat and the next Taylor Swift.

My passion is computers. My aim is to not let any student feel like they are struggling with Computer Science, if that means replying to messages and tutoring them through their homework at 11pm so be it.

Family is incredibly important to me. The promise I made to myself is to give my children the complete opposite upbringing to what I went through and so far, I feel like the positive relationship established with them are making that promise feel daft to have been made in the first place.

A goal I am continuing to work towards is to live sustainably. By no means am I perfect now, but the knowledge I have gained and put into practice so far is a step in the right direction. It has been fun to take you on this journey with me and that is something I want to continue to share with you.

And finally as for aesthetic…

I love everything and a promise to myself is to not put myself in one box. Can it be a thing to not just have one aesthetic please?


I love you all, thank you to listening to me ramble




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15 Hours Free Childcare for 3 and 4 Year Olds

I was always under the impression that because we were not eligible for the 30 hours free childcare, that would simply be it. Wrong. You can still get 15 hours…

I was always under the impression that because we were not eligible for the 30 hours free childcare, that would simply be it.


You can still get 15 hours free childcare.

All 3 to 4-year-olds in England can get 570 free hours per year. It’s usually taken as 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year, but you can choose to take fewer hours over more weeks.

What are the requirements?

You must be with an approved childcare provider.

What is an approved childcare provider?

  • Registered school
  • Registered nursery, childminder, playscheme, club or a nanny.
  • A home care worker for a registered home care agency
  • A childminder or nanny with a registered childminder agency or childcare agency.
  • childminder or nanny with a registered childminder agency or childcare agency

If you are unsure your childcare provider is registered search through Ofstead.

Childcare that is provided by relatives can still qualify if they are a registered childminder and care for your child outside your home. So basically, if your child’s grandparent looks after them casually on a Friday, you can not claim for free childcare hours.

This also goes for if your partner stays at home looking after your child. You can not claim for free childcare hours. And foster parents can not claim unless they are registered childcare.

How do you pay the childcare provider?

If you are eligible for free childcare hours, you can pay the childcare provider using:

  • Universal Credit
  • Tax credits
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Tax-Free Childcare

When does the free childcare hours start?

As soon as your child reaches three years old, you can get the free hours after the term from their birthday. Simply ask their childcare provider for the form if they have not already asked you yet.

When does the free childcare hours stop?

When your child reaches compulsory school age the free hours will stop. For most children this will be when they first start reception.

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New Years Resolutions

I just checked the date thinking “is it too late to write this blog post now?”…how is it only the 6th January? I was expecting it to say 20th. Just…

I just checked the date thinking “is it too late to write this blog post now?”…how is it only the 6th January? I was expecting it to say 20th. Just goes to show how life is dragging in lockdown 3.0.

During 2020, I was forced to spend a lot of time with myself. That might sound odd, but usually my brain is active on other things like, where to go next etc. Actually sitting with myself and being content with myself enjoying the little things in life made me learn at lot of lessons.

My new life lessons have shaped my new years resolutions for 2021. I will add that, I have never been a new years resolution person. The phrase “new year, new me” would make me wince. Yet here we are…

Right after the countdown I actually said “I feel like this years going to be for me”. I am more than ready to embrace change into my life and face aspects of my life that were making me unhappy, rather than just moaning about it.

Read Morekindle

Yes, a very common basic new years resolution but let me explain why…

I taught secondary school students 2 years ago. I spent the majority of my time making complicated content sound easy. Then I had to young kids close together. My range in vocabulary had changed. Conversations with friends and family started to feel slightly intimidating because I knew for a fact that the words I would choose to speak were very bland. It is not like I don’t understand what complex words mean, more so that I lost confidence in using them.

To get me going I downloaded a vocabulary app, simply called: Vocabulary. It pops up with a new word and meaning throughout the day as a notification to your phone.

Then I purchased a Kindle. When I was younger, I would always have a book in my hand. I read Malorie Blackman’s book over and over. I spent a lot of time researching Kindle’s because the feel of an actual book to me is part of the whole reading experience. Not to turn this into a Kindle review but, there are a few things I enjoy:

  • The access to hundreds of books that can be downloaded instantly
  • Cost efficient compared to buying an actual book
  • Do not take as much space as books do
  • The data insights into how much you are reading and how long you have left makes me eager to read more.

So far, I have read more books in January than the past couple of years.

Shop Small

In a bid to become more conscious of the planet, shopping small is something I want to pay more attention to. I must confess that I use to be the first to hop onto Amazon and order what I needed from there but after discovering Etsy, and the hundreds of small businesses that make beautiful products, it is my first point of call now.

The downside is they tend to be more expensive. However, as I have become more minimal, I look at treating myself to a cute house accessory that is sustainably made rather than buying what I don’t need from a huge store.

Keep up to date photo albums

Anyone else take hundreds of pictures on their phone and never get them developed?

I purchased this photo album to put a stop to it. I love how it reminds me of when I was younger and I would look through the old school photo albums my parents use to make. I’ve filled three up to now and they are my favourite things ever.?

I use the free prints app to select 45 free photos a month and just pay for postage.

Become more organisedbecoming more organised

A hard pill to swallow was that I am not organised. I think I do try to be but I write that many notes down all over the place and have so many new ideas for projects on the go, I found myself not moving forward with any of them.

My new planner is solely business focused and is the key to my new mission to become organised. It features a full weekly spread with room to add goals and tick lists. by far the most superior weekly planner I have ever seen.


On the subject of planning, my final resolution is to journal. This is for me to brain dump all of my thoughts and feelings in the evening in the hope for an easier switch off.

I love the aesthetics of bullet journals however, for me I know that I need a simple journal with various prompts. You can purchase my exact journal here.

Mental health is extremely important and over one of the most challenging years we have had, I realise this is something I need to do for myself.

I would love to know in the comments if you currently journal and has it helped you in any way?

Thank you for reading

lot’s of love



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Zoe’s Self Care Routine

This year, 2020 has been a very mentally challenging time – the pandemic. With the new year right around the corner, I made a pledge to myself to get in…

self care tipsThis year, 2020 has been a very mentally challenging time – the pandemic. With the new year right around the corner, I made a pledge to myself to get in the best mindset for a fresh new start. We all deserve it. That is why i’m going to share my simple self care tips with you.

I’ll start off with what gets me stressed. I am one of those people that gets overwhelmed easily. I struggle with having a million jobs to do and nothing getting done or, if I do get things done, I will beat myself up feeling guilty for not having quality time with my children.

During lockdown, I was forced to face myself. Spending so much time on my own gave me the opportunity to improve my day to day life and lift up my mood.

Bubble Bath

Pour it all in! Turn the lights off. Phone away and eyes closed. oh it is just so relaxing…until Mole runs in. It occurred to me that there is little time in the day I am by myself. My boyfriend works from home and I have Mole and Frankie glued to my hip. A hot bubble bath allows you “me” time.

Paintingself care tip

My Grandad use to paint landscapes and it has always fascinated me. The detail, patience and talent involved to make the picture look realistic is truly a work of art in itself. The best part is you do not have to be good at it to enjoy it. Just make patterns on paper. I aim to paint once a week. It is surprising how quickly your mind can become lost in paint and any worries or stresses disappear.


Expanding my knowledge is very important for my mental health. I like to still feel I can hold a conversation in interesting topics and have enough understanding to form an opinion.

I enrolled on an online course that studies Bitcoin and the Fintech movement. There are so many free online courses to choose from. You can give an hour a week over a number of weeks and trust me, when I tell you how amazing you will feel afterwards.

Seeing how much learning a new topic was making me feel content, I decided to download an app to my phone that pops up with new vocabulary every couple of hours. It is the simplest thing but I feel so good for learning something new.

Create a folder of your best memories on your phone

When times get tough and I start to miss my family and friends, I go through a folder I created on my phone full of happy times. It puts me in a positive mood and makes me look forward to the times ahead.

Lift Heavy

No matter how tired or drained I feel, getting in a workout is vital for my mental health. Any stresses or anger are taken out. You have to move your body. Spend at least 20 minutes working out. I can promise you, your head will feel clear afterwards and you will have a better nights sleep.

Do something for someone else

Feeling good about yourself doesn’t mean you only have to do things for yourself. I started putting time out of my day to help others.

Donating toys, clothes or money can make a difference to someone else.

Whilst I had nothing physical to give, I began creating free revision tools for Computer Science students to download. The feeling is amazing reading the feedback.

Pamperself care tips

Hair mask, face mask, manicure and self tan make me feel fresh. I love dedicating a full evening to take care of my body. There is just something about the next day when you wake up with soft glowing skin and polished nails. If you are ever feeling a little bit rubbish, take the effort to look after yourself. I can guarantee you will wake up with a spring in your step.


Let me know your favourite self care tip in the comments below!

Look after yourselves, speak soon,





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Amazon’s Top 5: Best Selling Beauty Products

Whilst I was doing my evening skin care routine, a thought came to me. I wonder what the best selling beauty products are on Amazon? So, my mission was to…

Whilst I was doing my evening skin care routine, a thought came to me.

I wonder what the best selling beauty products are on Amazon?

So, my mission was to find out.? Plus, during the process, check out the reviews and hopefully seek out new beauty products that I should be using, that everyone else is already using.

amazon best selling beauty products UKDots For Spots

Target your spots by placing the smallest, discrete patch over your pimple. I have used a similar product before and have seen great results.

The price of this product is only ?5.99 which is half the price I have previously paid for the product from another brand.


Look at the reviews! Over 5000! Straight in my basket.


amazon top selling beauty products UKAztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay

You can use this giant tub of Aztec mud on your body, face or hair!

What for?

Healing, cleansing and toning.

The beautiful Egyptian women used clay from the River Nile in their beauty regime. Definitely ordering this for only ?13.85!

amazon best selling beauty ukCeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

A very reassuring sight to see this product at number 3. I’ve always opted for a simple cleanser for my skin care routine. I’ve found that with sensitive skin, this has always worked best for me.

This price is a bargain too at only ?7.10


amazon best selling skin care UKOrganic Vitamin C Serum & Hyaluronic Acid by Florence

Replenish your skin with this Vitamin C Serum. Ok, I feel like this is the product that everyone has been using except for me.

Over 28,000 reviews! This best seller is a steal at ?9.99, Did I mention this product is Vegan?

It’s a yes from me.


amazon top selling beauty products UKElemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm


This product appearing on the top sellers list has come at no surprise to me.

Beauty bloggers over Instagram have been raving at this skin care staple over this year. Taking your make up off with a balm leaves you with hydrated and clean skin before you go in with your second cleanser.

Currently on offer for ?30.80. That is a deal your skin can not miss.


What do you think? Comment below any products on here that you have not used before!

Speak to you soon




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Styling Mole and Frankie’s Playroom

The Playroom: our first point of call when boredom strikes. A handy option to have to break up part of the day. Here is our Playroom journey: My thinking The…

The Playroom: our first point of call when boredom strikes. A handy option to have to break up part of the day.

Here is our Playroom journey:toddler playroom kitchen

My thinking

The style of the whole house is cool-toned neutral with a modern twist. In addition, I still wanted to keep to a modern flow , to be cohesive for the style going on with the rest of the house. However, this room needed to be inviting for the children. Give off an impulse to play and be creative.


Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style. Renowned for their simplicity, utility, and beauty. Besides, when researching different themes for the room I came across many different ones, from Boho to Classic. Nothing matched my love for minimalism until I saw the Nordic/Scandinavian Style. The love for clean lines, simple art and functionality. But, what pulled my heart in the most was the use of natural materials like wood.

Choosing a colour palette

Choosing the room colour is very important. I knew I wanted top take a risk with this room and ditch the typical neutral toned walls like the rest of the house. My usual motto is to go with neutral walls and add colour and warmth with decor.

The room is a small box room. Therefore, choosing a dark colour for the walls was out of the question. Finally, once I had settled on the intention of a playful environment with colour, I began to look at palette that were suitable for this idea.

Nordic Spa by Dulux was bright, clean and fun. I can not explain to you, how much using this colour on all of the walls changed the openness of the room. It was like we had added an extra window.

The tone worked beautifully with dusky pinks, grey and blue.

Wall Arttoddler wall art

The three posters have been framed with a thick black frame to create the clean defined lines seen in Scandinavian styles.

The background colours on the art add pops of colour and tie in the rest of the colour palette.

I purchased them from Desenio. They were placed in the centre of the wall and a little higher up to allow for a spacious feel, as most of the storage and play toys are at the lower level.


The key to making a Playroom complete. Storage is essential. I went for large draws that are big enough to throw all sorts of toys in that are usually on the floor making the room look untidy. Most importantly, storage is vital for keeping for children entertained.


Toy rotation. Storage allows toys to be hidden out of sight. Rotating the toys makes them feel like new.

Using natural materials for the storage was necessary. I hate plastic. It is bad for the environment. Plastic takes away the Scandinavian style where the core purpose is to provide functionality with natural materials.nordic playroom

The storage we use is from Flexa.

The Storage Bench 3 in 1

My favourite feature is the cut-out. This ensures that the child will not pinch the fingers when the storage bench is been closed. The sleek, modern design means that the storage bench will look beautiful in any room of the house. Place cushions on top to make the storage area a seating area.

One downside I have with the storage bench is that it is tricky to open the draw on the carpet. It would work better on wooden or tiled floor.

To add to the storage. This toy chest on wheels allows you to decide if you want it as storage or a pull along cart.

Book Storage

Flexa Play Shelf

In addition to the toy storage, to keep the furniture matching, the bookshelf is also from Flexa. Originally, I wanted the bookshelf higher on the wall to create shelving and free up floor space. However, the kids have access to the books when it is on the floor and I did not want to drill holes in the wall to hang the case up on.

Table and Chairstoddler table and chair

Shortly after Mole celebrated her second Birthday, I realised the need for a table and chair set. Allowing her to be creative with arts and crafts or her favourite thing to do is set up a tea party on.

I had spent hours researching table and chair sets that were of good quality. An easy option for me was to go back with the brand Flexa. They have provided quality and the colour scheme their furniture comes in matches the theme of the playroom.

The deep pink serves a contrast with the greys in the room.

Play table Popsicle?

You can mix and match the stools for more pops of colour.

Stool Popsicle

Creating Space

The Playroom is a small box room so, when all of the furniture and storage moved in, the space closed in too. I needed to extend the space without extending the physical footprint of the room. To do this I added a simple play mat.

The play mat has created a new section in the room in fact, we call this section the kitchen area, when I see Mole or Frankie getting bored of the area, it can be changed to a new area.

The style of the mat flows with the rest of the room.

Our playmat is in the shade: Moon Grey

Statement Toystoddler wooden toy blocks

Lastly, you need statement toys for defining the playroom from a storage room, moreover, once all of the main toys have been tided up and put away, I leave the following toys out for character and style.

Ooh Noo Wooden Blocks

Mole and Frankie love to stack the blocks and I think they look fantastic spread across the playmat.

Toy Kitchen

This toy kitchen belonged in the living room. I choose this kitchen because it was small enough to fit in the space I had available for it at the time. I didn’t want an overpowering toy kitchen in the area where I like to relax.

The kitchen is made from natural wood.

Soft Play

Frankie’s personal favourite. Soft play blocks with a slide. The soft play has given us so much laughter over the year it is my favourite part of the play room too!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the thought process behind creating the playroom. I am always keen to hear your thoughts. Most importantly, advice on what I could add to improve functionality or style. Please leave a comment below.











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